Blue Distinction® Specialty Care Program

Blue Distinction Speciality Care (BDSC) is a BCBSA Centers of Excellence program that recognizes doctors and hospitals with a proven track record of providing high-quality care and optimal cost efficiency. Choosing these facilities for care can lead to better outcomes, fewer complications, and out-of-pocket savings.

Types of Specialty Care

Some of the services you can expect to find at a BDSC facility include:

  • Bariatric surgery
  • Cancer care
  • Cardiac care
  • Cellular immunotherapy (CAR-T)
  • Fertility care
  • Gene therapy (ocular disorders)
  • Knee and hip replacement
  • Maternity care
  • Spine surgery
  • Substance use treatment and recovery
  • Transplants

Helping members make better health choices

When members are searching for care and see the BDSC designation, they can be confident that the facility is one of the best of its kind. Choosing the best usually means lower readmission rates, better health outcomes, and fewer complications. All that can add up to big cost savings for both your team and your company.

How we can help

We help you and your team by:

  • Providing education about the Centers of Excellence program and how it can improve your quality of care.
  • Providing you data-driven consultations to help tailor benefit designs to your organization.
  • Offering additional travel benefits to help members access high-quality providers.
  • Guiding your team to BDSC facilities and providers.

Add BDSC to your plan.

We're happy to help you add this great benefit to your company's plan design.

Blue Distinction® Specialty Care is a registered mark of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Blue Distinction Centers (BDC) met overall quality measures, developed with input from the medical community. A Local Blue Plan may require additional criteria for providers located in its own service area; for details, contact your Local Blue Plan. Blue Distinction Centers+ (BDC+) also met cost measures that address consumers’ need for affordable healthcare. Each provider's cost of care is evaluated using data from its Local Blue Plan. Providers in CA, ID, NY, PA, and WA may lie in two Local Blue Plans' areas, resulting in two evaluations for cost of care; and their own Local Blue Plans decide whether one or both cost of care evaluation(s) must meet BDC+ national criteria.