Dental Solutions

When you add a dental solution with your health plan, you get more from your coverage.

High-value dental solutions

Our dental solutions give both members and clients something to smile about. Here's an overview of how your company can benefit.

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Advantages of our dental solution

Trusted national network

Access to one of the nation’s largest dental networks means members have at least two in-network dentists within 10 miles of where they live or work.2  We ensure high-quality care by routinely verifying dentists’ credentials and performing on-site inspections.

Deep Discounts

Our discounts are among the market leaders in every state. That means lower out-of-pocket costs for members when they use in-network providers and reduced claim costs for clients.

Dedicated to oral health

We provide enhanced benefits for members with gum disease who have a chronic condition or are pregnant.

Innovative ways to save

Combined medical and dental analytics provide insight into how improving systemic and oral health can impact total cost of care.

Experienced team

Our team has the expertise to connect you to the plan that’s right for your business.

Streamlined administration

Our simple implementation process makes onboarding quick and easy.

Ready to get started?

Talk to your client manager about how combining your health and dental plans can improve the health of your members and benefit your company.

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2 2021 United Concordia Dental internal research and reports.