Integrated Care Team

When members get sick and visit the hospital, engaging with them early and often can make all the difference.

Getting Support

The Integrated Care Team (ICT) supports and coordinates care on day 1 for your highest risk employees. Unlike standard case management, which begins at hospital discharge, the ICT gets involved upon admission to identify each patient’s condition early on.

The ICT works to empower utilization management nurses, case managers, and medical directors to manage care more holistically, thereby responding to each high-cost member’s care more efficiently.

On average, this early intervention can save over $800 per case.*

Machine learning analytics make for more efficient care

The Integrated Care Team uses a proprietary, artificial intelligence Member Listening System to identify early employees who have higher risk factors. In real time, they begin intensive case management to enhance their inpatient experience and provide for a more appropriate level of care.

Here's how the Integrated Care Team works:

  • Upon admission, patients are identified and enrolled through the Member Listening System, which leverages data received through the employee’s prior authorization request and claims history.
  • Patients are then assigned a dedicated nurse reviewer and case manager who collaboratively work to develop discharge planning, condition management, and transition of care needs.
  • The ICT immediately provides patients with high-touch, integrated complex case management — unlike standard case management, which typically begins at discharge. Patients receive ongoing education, support, and comfort at levels that make their care easier and less stressful, with reduced time spent in the hospital.

Eliminate waste, drive down costs

When your employees have care advocates, they feel empowered and supported. Plus, your company can drastically lower its medical costs by reducing length of stay, inappropriate care settings, readmissions, and most importantly, creating an atmosphere for a higher degree of accuracy in forecasting risk. This enables your employees to be more productive and get back to work and life much sooner.

Better care means more savings opportunities.

  • A 24% reduction in readmissions.*
  • A reduction on average of 1.14 inpatient days in the hospital.*
  • Lower post-acute utilization rates, including 38% lower skilled nursing, 29% lower long-term acute care, and 12% lower inpatient rehab facilities.*
  • A demonstrated savings of $817 per case over traditional case management.*

Make our Integrated Care Team a part of your team.

Talk to your client management team today to get started on the path to better health.

* Compared to similar members who did not receive the Integrated Care Team intervention.