Beneficity: a new way to access your company’s benefits.

Beneficity lets members connect to their benefits from one central place via the app or website. This includes the benefits and resources that come with your health plan, as well as the employer-sponsored programs you offer.
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Benefits for employers

Customization options ensure that your company is featured prominently on Beneficity. You get:

  • Links to employer sponsored-programs, which drive greater awareness of the additional benefits you provide, such as 401k, tuition benefits, and more.

  • Placement of your logo within the app, which builds trust in the benefits you offer and ties them to your brand.

  • A welcome message tailored to your company’s style and language so that it resonates with your members. 

Get more out of your Well360 programs

Beneficity works with the Well360 programs giving your members convenient, streamlined access to Well360 Clarity, Well360 Connect and Well360 Concierge resources.

Benefits for members

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    Customized activities

    By answering some basic questions, your members receive recommendations for programs and activities that can improve their health.

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    Easy access

    Your members can quickly find the resources that are most helpful to them, which can raise participation rates in the benefits you offer.

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    Trusted security

    Multifactor authentication adds an additional layer of security to keep your members’ information safe.

See how Beneficity can simplify your benefits.

See how Beneficity can simplify your benefits.

Beneficity is an optional feature that works with Well360 Connect, Well360 Clarity, and Well360 Concierge. Additional fee applies.

Help your members get more out of their benefits with Beneficity

See how this convenient app and website can help members find and use their benefits.