Well360 Focus

Here’s a surprising fact: Six in 10 adults live with a chronic condition. Four in 10 have more than one.1

Multiply that across your membership and it becomes clear: Giving your members the resources to manage diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and musculoskeletal conditions like knee pain is key to keeping costs down. Enter Well360 Focus.

Blue Cross Blue Shield associations brand excellence award winner- Brand Innovation Category

Focusing on what's important

Keeping members healthy is our mission. Well360 Focus is designed specifically to help people manage chronic and complex illnesses — from diabetes to high blood pressure and musculoskeletal conditions. And, when your team is healthy, so is your bottom line.

Members get:

  • Virtual and enhanced care management programs for health conditions including: behavioral health issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and joint and muscle pain.
  • Tools that give members convenient access to care, such as coaching options via telephone, text, and video.
  • Digitally connected devices including:
  • Wireless scales
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • And more2
  • Sharecare® wellness platform that includes: 
  • Lifestyle assessments
  • Wellness rewards
  • Fitness challenges

Your company gets:

  • A higher level of client-specific outreach to address your members’ unique needs.
  • Advanced data and analytics that enable personalized and timely interventions to help members get the care they need.
  • Comprehensive behavioral health support for your members that includes virtual visit options and social determinants of health screening.
  • An Integrated Care Team, providing real-time identification and intensive case management for members admitted to the hospital.
  • Robust utilization management options that includes specialty programs. 

Well360 Focus can lower admissions and reduce medical care costs by up to $18 dollars per member per month compared to the average cost of care for non-enrollees.3

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A seamless experience for your members

Well360 Focus is a demonstration of Living Health, our new approach to reducing barriers to health care. Its advanced technology allows Highmark to provide personalized, easy-to-access care solutions. This leads to better health outcomes and lower costs.

Let's focus on good health.

Get in touch today and we'll help you decide if Well360 Focus is right for your team.

1Source: Center for Disease Control

2If eligible to enroll in programs. 

3The methods used for this study were the same for our Well360 Connect evaluation, which was independently validated by a third-party consultant.


Sharecare is a registered trademark of Sharecare, Inc., an independent and separate company that provides a consumer care engagement platform for your health plan. Sharecare is solely responsible for its programs and services, which are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Sharecare does not endorse any specific product service or treatment. Health care plans and the benefits thereunder are subject to the terms of the applicable benefit agreement.