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Monday, August 28, 2023

Fraud Alert: Urinary Catheter/Glucose Monitors/Supplies Scam

PITTSBURGH (August 28, 2023) Be wary of fraudulent claims for urinary catheters and/or glucose monitors/supplies. Red flags that could indicate a scam include:

  • You don’t recognize the ordering physician’s name and you’ve never been seen by them
  • The ordering physician is located in another state
  • You receive an Explanation of Benefits (“EOB”) with a large quantity of supplies you’ve never received
  • You don’t have a medical condition that would need the supplies. Example — You don’t have diabetes, but you receive an EOB showing an order for glucose monitors


Please call to report any suspected fraudulent activity.

1-800-438-2478 (PA/DE)
1-800-788-5661 (WV)
1-800-333-8451 or 1-800-314-0025 (NY)

Integrity Hotline: