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If you suspect fraud, contact your local Financial Investigations & Provider Review Department within Highmark.

Highmark (Pennsylvania and Delaware)
P.O. Box 890138
Camp Hill, PA 17089-0138
Phone: 1-800-438-2478
Fax: 717-635-4590

Highmark West Virginia
614 Market Street
P.O. Box 1948
Parkersburg, WV 26102
Phone: 800-788-5661
Fax: 717-635-4590

Highmark New York
257 W. Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 800-333-8451 or 800-314-0025
Fax: 717-635-4590

Due to the nature of these investigations, every effort will be made to keep information confidential. Report suspected health care fraud anonymously via the above phone numbers or the Health Care Fraud Form.