CHIP - Highmark Healthy Kids Doctors and Drugs

We know finding the right health care provider is important. Save time and money with providers who are included in your network.

Find a doctor or hospital

We know that finding a doctor, hospital, lab, mental health professional, and other heath care providers is important. Save time and money by choosing providers already in your network.


Where to go for care

Doctor's office: for routine checkups such as minor illnesses like cold, flu, earaches, preventive care, immunizations, or chronic care.

Virtual health: for at-home care for minor illnesses, like cold, flu, and earaches. Or for when you can't see your doctor. Set up a virtual health account at so that you're ready to go when your child needs care.

Urgent/express care: for urgent but not life-threatening care like mild or minor asthma/breathing conditions, flu, and cold.

Emergency room: for serious, life-threatening conditions, or ones that involve severe pain.

Find a prescription drug list

The prescription drug list — or formulary — shows which drugs are covered by each insurance plan. A drug's formulary status may affect how much you pay for each drug. Your prescription drug list depends on the plan you select. Read each plan's summary to determine which applies to your plan.

CHIP - Highmark Healthy Kids FORMULARY

Find a pharmacy

Locate an in-network CHIP - Highmark Healthy Kids Pharmacy.


Find a vision care provider

Easily find optometrists, optical shops, and ophthalmologists.


Find a dentist

Easily find a general or pediatric dentist, dental hygienist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and orthodontist.


Ready to apply?

Ready to apply?

Learn how you can apply or renew your coverage

Learn how you can apply or renew your coverage