Highmark Blue Shield Giving Guidelines (Northeastern NY)

As a community-based, not-for-profit health plan, Highmark Blue Shield (Northeastern NY) is committed to improving the quality of life in our region and supporting initiatives that have the greatest impact on the health of the communities we serve.

In accordance with the Highmark Blue Shield (Northeastern NY) Community Relations objective, consideration is given to programs and events that focus on:

  • The physical health and well-being of people in our region, specifically programs that target top health care issues that are highly prevalent in our communities, and programs/events that focus on and promote healthy behaviors
  • Creating vibrant, diverse communities where all people have the opportunity to thrive
  • Developing youth and families to ensure they have the highest potential to be contributing citizens in our community
  • Providing and projecting sustainable measurements of success
  • Evidence-based programs that demonstrate the highest level of effectiveness
  • Partnering with organizations who offer us the opportunity to provide unique and memorable experiences with our 125,000+ members and 200 employees in Northeastern New York


To be eligible to receive a corporate sponsorship from Highmark BSNENY, your organization must meet the following criteria:

Must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS: We give to nonprofit organizations working for charitable, cultural, scientific, literary, and other organizations under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

Must be an organization based in NENY: We only make gifts to organizations who are based within the counties of NENY and are working for the welfare of those living in NENY.

Blue Shield does not typically sponsor the following programs and events:

  • Organizations that are not tax-exempt
  • Programs or events outside of NENY
  • Galas
  • Golf tournaments
  • Health fairs
  • Religious organizations, except when the organization is conducting programs that are secular in nature and have wide public impact
  • Individuals/benefits fundraiser for individuals
  • Capital campaigns, endowments, or the purchase of equipment
  • Anything falling outside our service area

Get Started with our Sponsorship Application

If you're interested in sponsorship support, please fill out our Sponsorship Application. We cannot accept requests via email, mail or phone. If you have any questions, please contact Tricia Murray.

*All requests must be received at a minimum, 2 months prior to the event or program and all requests are reviewed on a monthly basis. Due to the high volume of requests received, Blue Shield is not able to respond to, or fund every incoming request. 

Please note, we have a new Community Support Online Application. If you have any questions or if you require additional information, please email Tricia Murray.