Hearing Services

Based on your D-SNP, your hearing benefits include hearing exams and hearing aids. Learn about what is covered before visiting your eye doctor.

Your D-SNP Hearing Benefits

Evaluations, like diagnostic hearing and balance tests to help decide if you need medical treatment, are covered as outpatient care when done by your:

  • Doctor
  • Audiologist
  • Other qualified provider

You may also have a $0 copay for some hearing services. Please check your D-SNP Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for details.

2024 Diamond EOC
2024 Diamond Southeast PA EOC
2024 Ruby EOC
2024 Ruby Southeast PA

2023 Diamond EOC
2023 Diamond Southeast PA EOC
2023 Ruby EOC
2023 Ruby Southeast PA

Hearing Exams

Highmark Wholecare D-SNP members will have one routine hearing exam with a TruHearing provider covered each year. To make an appointment, you can call TruHearing at 1-844-763-4240 (for TTY, dial 711).

Hearing Aids

Up to two (one for each ear) TruHearing branded hearing aids are covered with your D-SNP.

Hearing Aid Benefits

If you need hearing aids, here are some things to know:

Hearing Aid Purchases

When you buy TruHearing hearing aids, your purchase includes:

  • Follow-up provider visits within first year for fitting and adjustment services
  • 60-day trial period
  • Three-year extended warranty for replacement or repair of lost or damaged hearing aids
  • Batteries for non-rechargeable models

Note, if you buy items that aren’t covered by your D-SNP you’ll pay for the cost upfront.