Healthy Lifestyle

Living Healthy with Wholecare 

Highmark Wholecare encourages your health and wellness through our Lifestyle Management programs and services. These programs don’t require a referral or co-payment. Our care managers will work with you and your doctor to get the services you need to stay healthy. For more information, view our Lifestyle Management programs

Healthy Weight Management 

Highmark Wholecare offers health coaching, nursing, and nutrition support and 
care coordination. These services help you to make healthy choices. This program can achieve weight loss goals and support you in developing a healthy lifestyle.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Health risk assessment (HRA) surveys create a baseline of your health habits and behaviors. Checking where you’re at can help you make healthier choices. After enrolling, Highmark Wholecare members are mailed a survey. This survey helps you get the care you need by creating a personalized prevention care plan. The care plan includes education and tips to help you get and stay healthy. You can also take this survey online in just a few minutes.

Wellness Coaching

This service Highmark Wholecare offers helps you set and stick to plans to reach your health and wellness goals. They help you learn skills and make choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Wellness coaches can also work with you to: 

  • Prevent or reduce falls 
  • Answer questions about healthy eating 
  • Empower you take control of diabetes or other health conditions 

Quit Smoking 

If you want to quit smoking, Highmark Wholecare wants to help. We offer medicines, counseling and other services to help you kick the habit. Here are a few of the benefits and services that are available to members: 
  • Statewide Preferred Drug List (PDL) drugs 
  • Counseling Services 
  • Behavioral Health Treatments 
  • Case Management Programs 
  • Other Tobacco Cessation Resources 

Check out all of the resources to help you quit smoking that are available with this guide.

Healthy Foods 

Healthy foods are a key ingredient to health and wellness. But it can be difficult to afford on a budget. As a member of Highmark Wholecare, you can access healthy food across our service areas in Pennsylvania. Our Wholecare Resource Center will connect you with thousands of community organizations and services that offer healthy food through:   

  • Food delivery 
  • Emergency food pantries 
  • Help paying for food 
  • Meal delivery 

For more information visit the Wholecare Resource Center

Preventive Exams and Screenings

Routine Checkups and Screenings may include: 

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Cholesterol Screening 
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Diabetes (Blood Sugar) Screening
  • Hepatitis B and C Screening
  • Bone Mineral Density Screening
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease / HIV Screening

Women can also go to a participating OB/GYN or their yearly pap test and pelvic exam, and to get a prescription for a mammogram, learn more on our Pregnancy and  Pediatrics page.

Get Help Managing Your Conditions

Are you living with a chronic condition? See how our Lifestyle Management Program can help you create a care plan

Highmark Wholecare Supports Your Behavioral Health

Are you stressed, anxious or depressed? You can seek mental and behavioral health support through our program. Visit our Behavioral Health page for more information.