Your Clarity Team is here to help you navigate your health care.

When you have questions around care, you're not alone.

You've got a team of health experts ready to help you. See how your Clarity Team can help you find high-quality specialists, manage your health care, and so much more.


We specialize in finding you the right specialist.

Your Clarity Team is a dedicated team of experts, whose main focus is taking the guesswork out of knowing where to go for the care that you need. They’ll not only provide recommendations for high-quality specialists, they’ll help you schedule and prepare for your appointment, then follow up afterward to make sure everything meets your expectations. 

We offer a personalized approach to navigating your care.

Think of your Clarity Team as trusted advocates who not only listen and understand your health care needs, but also as experts who can help you better manage your condition and your care.

They’ll help you weigh all of your options — such as understanding the right place to go for care, when it’s appropriate to use telemedicine, where and when to seek out urgent care, and how to find high-quality, low-cost imaging services. They can also help answer your benefit questions, including billing and claims.

That’s a level of care you may not be expecting, but one you can count on whenever it’s needed. 

Navigating Care

Finding the right care just got a lot simpler.

Some health care choices are easy – like engaging with the Clarity Team. They make everything that's complex about health care a lot simpler. Call them during your plan year at the number on the back of your member ID card.